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5th scientific congress

from 13/09/2007 to 15/09/2007 - Ostend (Belgium)

The Belgian Red Cross – Flanders organises its 5th European congress on CPR, Prehospital Care and Prevention from 13 to 15 September 2007. This congress, which has an international scope, introduces these topics from a different angle and deals with first-aid education and first-aid practice for the general public and for the first-aid volunteers.

The objectives of this 5th Congress are:

- to announce and speak about the implementation of the new European guidelines on first-aid education, which supplement the resuscitation guidelines;

- to exchange on the latest views in the areas of CPR education and practice, prehospital care and prevention;

- to exchange on the training of specific target groups.


Belgian Red Cross - Flanders

Vormingsinstituut Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen

Motstraat 40

2800 Mechelen - Belgium

Tel: +32 15 44 34 66

Fax: +32 15 44 36 66

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5th scientific congress