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First Aid Convention in Europe 2007

Published on 05/11/2007

FACE 2007: the first aid team members from Serbian Red Cross were recognised as the best European providers of first aid after winning the top prize in the First Aid Convention in Europe, which took place in Ireland in July at the University of Limerick. The second and third place were respectively for the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Austrian Red Cross.

Congratulating the teams, Irish Red Cross vice-chairman Tony Lawlor said the event served to highlight the importance of first aid: "Three million people in Europe are trained in first aid by the Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies every year, and this Convention shows the level of expertise available right across Europe".
A total of 28 teams from 25 countries took part in the event: 28 stations - half of which were 'fun' and 'rest' stations and half were first aid challenges. This event was very positive to create an exchange between first-aiders from all over Europe, in a very good atmosphere thanks to traditional Irish music


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