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First meeting of the European task-force on 'First aid and prevention for the elderly'
On 9th March 2010, the French Red Cross hosted the first meeting of the European task-force on "First aid and prevention training for the el... (...)

First aid for a safer future, focus on Europe
Many Europeans do not receive first aid training at a time when the continent faces growing challenges! In a new report called “First Aid for a S... (...)

Solferino, 150 later
24 June 1859: the battle of Solferino. Henry Dunant, a young Swiss man, was confronted with the desolating scenes of an endless procession of car... (...)

European seminar on first aid with vulnerable people
On 11th and 12th March 2009 the British Red Cross (BRC) hosted a seminar for staff and volunteers from the BRC, 11 other European Red Cross/Red C... (...)

Final event of the Road Safety Campaign 2008
The 4th European Red Cross Road Safety Campaign came to an end on 22 June 2008. The final event was celebrated on 6 June 2008 in Lisbon, Portugal... (...)

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